Katrin Lassen

I love painting. It's like thinking in color.

Painting Artist.
NFT Designer. Author.

For me, painting is not just a profession, but my need, an inner dialogue. Similar to the theological examination of the world, its appearances, the things and problems that occupy and surround me, painting is a very intimate way for me to ask myself questions and look for answers. The process of painting is always in the foreground.

My Workspace

From 1991-1995 I studied art and theology at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. I have been working as a freelance artist since 2001.

My Work

Spy Animals
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It is not about depicting things, but about creating new realities that question the normality of the general conception of reality. It’s about depicting things that don’t happen or aren’t visible in reality, but are familiar to our minds in some way. For example I give the invisible angels a form and force the representation into a dialogue with our own vague ideas and clichés. With the Spy Animals I combine familiar places with known animals, but they are unrealistic in combination. two seemingly real and known things give an unreal overall picture.

My paintings are about colour, about forms, about the concrete and the abstract… Everything has its justification and is equally important. A good picture is like a good conversation…

The dialogue of the existing image with painting, which creates a new image of reality, is the core of every image. It is not the image that is in the foreground, but the devotion to the process of creation;

Live your life more self-determined, happier and more exciting!